The World's Problems

3 min readDec 26, 2020

TW: There is sensitive and traumatizing subjects mentioned in the story.

This world is a beautiful place, this is what I would´ve wanted to say about our world. I'm not saying it's not beautiful but I personally feel like it can be such a better place. Their are so many terrifying things that can happen in this world. We can change this, but only if we try. The world is a beautiful place itself but when certain things happen that beautiful place turns into a terrifying place which is something that I hate and I know others hate it as well.

I´m going to start off with something that many people like to avoid or blame on certain people. Rape. Rape is something extremely serious & nobody deserves to go through that pain. Something that goes around is that rape cant happen to certain people such as males and it can only happen to female. First of all, rape can happen to anyone. It's A problem in this world. It can happen to a child, a child. That's crazy to think about. A female can rape someone, a male can rape someone. Anybody can be a rapist and anybody can be raped. Please stop treating males who were raped differently than females who were raped. Sadly, women are a bit more likely to get raped then men. But, that doesn´t mean that men can´t get raped as well. It's a sad subject, but it something that should be talked about more. Do not ever tell someone that they didn't get raped or that they are lying because you do not know what they could've went through. BRING MORE AWARENESS TO THIS SUBJECT.

Racism. This is another thing that happens a lot. It has happened more through this time because of political beliefs and people's opinions. I am not writing this to hurt anybody or tell people what they should belief or anything like that. I myself think that BLM. BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. BLM is a controversial topic, some people think that all lives matter, but when a black person is killed by a cop they don´t say, ¨oh george floyd deserves justice¨ instead they say, ¨oh george floyd was a criminal that´s why the cop killed him.¨ No the cop killed him because he was a black man. Sadly, it's not just black people, black people do get a lot more racist than other races. But, that doesn't mean other races aren't treated as badly. Hispanics in particularly mexicans. The reason I'm saying Mexicans is because Mexican´s are the ones getting called out and treated badly most of the time. Not saying puerto ricans, dominicans, columbians, etc… aren't treated the same, but Mexicans are the ones who get all the heat for the hispanics. Many racist people say ¨Mexicans are lazy.¨”Sorry but I think your talking about the wrong people here because these people are the most hard working people I know. Some mexicans moved all the way from Mexico to the US just to give their kids and family a better life, so they can get a better job, so they can do the work people in the US don´t do. They hustle for their family for others. They give it their all and never give up. Their are so many other races, ethnics, genders, & religions who get hated and rude comments. MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORIST, MEXICANS ARE NOT ILLEGAL, ASIANS ARE NOT A VIRUS, & BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT THUGS.

Their are so many more problems but these two are the one´s I wanted to talk about because I really wanted to bring awareness to them. Please bring awareness to these topics and I hope all of you best wishes.